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When it comes to access control systems, size and complexity does not matter. At Featon Locksmiths, we can supply and install the right system for you. Whether it be a single door with keypad or a hundred proximity cards for hundreds of doors, we can do it all.

Our technicians are highly-trained in fitting all major brands. From swipe cards to biometric readers and PIN codes, we have control systems that provide high security to any establishment.

We are very hands-on with every project, from enquiry to installation. With no subcontracting, our technicians are equipped to do all aspects of the job, including:

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Swipe Cards

Swipe cards are an easy access control system for individual authorisation. You can choose the people who can take hold of the card and enter access areas. This system is also harder to compromise because they do not require transmitting any personal data.

Swipe Cards Access — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW
Proximity Cards — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Proximity Cards

Proximity cards are an affordable and convenient solution for your access control system. If a key is stolen or lost, we can just delete it and input your new card profile. No need to rekey, change locks and spend days issuing new keys. For new door access, simply log in to your system and you’re done.

Pin Codes

Using fingerprints, pin codes are a quick and efficient method of recording information. It is commonly used for time and attendance logging because it uniquely recognises people entering your property. Ideal for business use, this system instantly stores information for an easy payroll system.

Biometric Readers — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Keypad with PIN

Another cost-effective way to control door access is through keypads with a PIN code. With the use of a password, this system allows for an easy registration and deletion of entry data. Unlike the hassle of having cards and tokens, we can just help you add and delete codes on the keypad. No mess and additional spending!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a type of door access system where pieces of information are stored in your RFID card or tag. Example information includes, numbers, codes and prices that reflect the cardholder’s profile.

Installing an access control system requires precise laying of wiring at the assigned points. There needs to be proper installation of pathways, ducts and wires using the right equipment and accessories. It’s best to call a professional for a job of this complexity.

There are different types of readers that allows access to different entry points. Wired to a control panel, they simply read your credentials to grant you access to a certain place. Examples include a bar code reader, proximity reader and biometric reader.