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Hardwired & Wireless Alarms

A security system will require a careful assessment of your property’s layout. Our knowledgeable technicians can recommend the best alarm system depending on your property and budget. We install hardwired and wireless alarm systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Our alarm options include:

We are experienced in installing back-to-base alarm systems which allows safety and security professionals to monitor your system. When alerted, this system reports to a monitoring centre to trigger immediate help from the police, fire brigade or ambulance.

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Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8

Local Alarm Systems

Instead of your alarm reporting back-to-base, local alarm systems report to you as you want it to. Local Alarm Systems are to produce sirens on a burglary, they do not communicate. It can also just set off the alarm sirens for a few minutes. We can configure the latest alarms to report however you want it without ongoing back-to-base monitoring fees.

Alarm — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW
Alarm System — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Partial or Stay Armed Mode

We are experts in configuring your alarm system to partial or stay arming. We can program your system to secure specific areas of your home during day or night. For example, you could arm the garage, shed, windows and doors, but not the motion detectors in the bedroom. You can also choose to arm downstairs, but not upstairs. Customising your system easily prevents unwanted break-ins from happening.

Remote Automation

We supply and install wireless remotes or key fobs for almost any alarm system. We can integrate different functions into one remote so you can conveniently control certain parts of your home, especially during emergencies. With your own portable control, you can disarm the alarm, open the garage door and turn the light on. Events will immediately be reported to a monitoring centre so help can be on its way at the soonest possible time.

Remote Alarm — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Back-to-Base Monitoring

A back-to-base alarm system means communicating all safety and security reports to a monitoring centre. Done over the phone, GSM or GPRS (wireless SIM) or over the internet, this alarm system is more than just an alert when your property gets broken into. By calling the police, ambulance and fire brigade, you can save your property, belongings, or even a life. It can protect you and all things that are important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely, your alarm has a tamper, power or low battery problem. These are 24-hour faults that can be repaired by our technicians. Call us or pop into our shop and we can get your alarm system back up and running.

Back-to-base monitoring ensures that someone is going to follow up after an alarm report. In case of emergency like burglary or fire, the right authority can help you ASAP. But it can also trigger due to low battery, a broken siren or a smoke detector event. Hence, it also ensures that your alarm system always stays healthy.