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Automatic Gate Openers

Have you ever imagined the luxury of not getting out of your vehicle to open your gates or garage door in the rain? Imagine no more. Featon Locksmiths can make it possible. Our fully qualified technicians can provide quality gate solutions so your family, pets and property are safe from intruders.

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Online Enquiry powered by ServiceM8

Sliding & Swinging Gates

We install and service the best Italian-made automated gate openers on the Central Coast. Whether you want sliding or swinging gates, we have a range of quality products that come in different sizes and designs. Our gate systems include the following:

We ensure all your requirements are met prior to installation. We assess the length and weight of your door, space of your property as well as recommend the best motor system and material for your gate. Our technicians can help you decide on the perfect gate that maximises your space while also increasing security. 

Swinging Gate — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW
Keypad Access Gate — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Hardware & Accessories

We can install additional hardware to your existing gate or supply a completely brand-new gate. We can also provide accessories that give you more access and control such as:

For added safety, we can also arrange fencing solutions through our trusted partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic gate openers work when they receive an electric impulse from a device like a keypad or remote control. It usually stays open for 5 seconds to allow traffic.

This may be due to power outage or failure. Automatic gates need constant electricity supply to work properly. Check your batteries to see if they still have enough power for your gate.

Gate openers have a lifespan of roughly 10 years but it needs maintenance every 1 to 2 years. Motor batteries usually last for 2 to 3 years and some parts might need to be replaced every now and then.