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Audio & Video Intercoms

Create a safe way to communicate with visitors through an intercom system from Featon Locksmiths. We install audio and video intercoms with a variety of functions to increase safety and convenience. Whether you need it for your home, apartment or business, you can choose from our range of devices that suits your budget and specifications.

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Two-point Audio Intercom

We install basic two-point audio intercoms for quick and easy communication. Our system includes both indoor and outdoor intercom stations that are simple and fast to install. These typically have a speaker and a push button, making it effortless to answer a call from the entrance.

Two-point Audio Intercom — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW
Video Intercom — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Video Intercom

Whether it’s daytime or night-time, you can easily identify visitors with video intercoms. With just one press of a button, you can open the door and let your visitor in without hassle. We can even install an intercom built with a DVR so you can see who knocked on your door while you were away. We only offer quality intercoms designed and made in Italy.

Improved Safety

With intercoms, anybody who wants to visit or enter your property will have to identify themselves. Having an effective and strict recognition system for unknown individuals will discourage intruders to come in or go near your property.

Improved Intercom — Locksmith in Umina Beach, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

It may be due to a worn-out button or a loose wire, resulting in a faulty connection. Another reason may be incorrect voltage attached to your system.  When this happens, seek the help of professionals.

The circuit consists of one pair of wires for both transmitting and receiving voices. When one person talks, the wires transmit the voice to the other end, and vice versa.

Overall cost depends on the complexity of the system, type of intercom, and the amount of work needed.